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Rose Barden
Site Owner
About Me

I am Rose Marie Barden, Self Taught Jewelry Designer; with 4 yrs under my belt.

I started designing jewelry in 2009 and and have not looked back. In 2013, is when I decided; to make my hobby a business. It's called, A Jewel in the Making. I've done different events, from Jewelry House Parties, Garage sale, and Juried events.

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[email protected]

Rose M. Barden
59 years old
About Me

I am Rose Barden, and I am a Wire Wrap self taught Jewelry Designer, since 2009. Inspired by a niece. But I have always been interested in Arts and Crafts. this started as a hobby and now; this website exist because I am in business to help in various aeas of life. I am enrolled in Sheffield School of Design since 09/2012 will graduate 2015.

My passion is to teach to children and adults, in order to keep this Art alive. This Art is a ost Art that need to be kept alive.

I Hand make all my jewelry and design as well, and some designs are drawn from other Artists and inspired by everyone and everything.

I have a store on www.Etsy.com/shop/jewelsinthemaking. Check me out when you get a chance. There is also a store on this website so happy shopping. Don't see anything you want or like or would like for me to recreate into something that says, "You", please feel free to contact me, Rose at 813-352-8921 for an appointment.

Happy Shopping!

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makingjewels/Facebook.com and [email protected]

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